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But Balamor was still very young; he turned over twenty years next fall which was nearly half the age of Barris. With time he could become just as good as his father. But time was what concerned Barris. How much longer would his son be here in the Raehl? Shaking the thought away he walked up the stairs to his home exhausted from a day’s work.

The moon slid past the horizon when Balamor was standing at the wooden countertop preparing rations for his journey. He decided he would take what he could without leaving his father with an empty pantry. There wasn’t much to begin with but he crammed his bag with a loaf of bread, cold cuts and various raw vegetables. It wasn’t his father’s cooking, but it would have to suffice.

Balamor ran over what his grandfather had told him about the square rune that day as he was lying in his bed, he realized it wasn’t an answer at all, but a riddle which he had no obvious solution. The thought lingered within his mind until his eyes became heavy, and he was fast asleep.

The End

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