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Drifting up to his nose was the smell of the meal his father prepared. He looked down at his plate, two pork chops sat amongst a baked potato surrounded by an assortment of steamed vegetables. He reached for the cup of tea to his left, now realizing he hadn't had a drink for hours. The cup returned to the table quickly and Balamor grabbed his fork and knife. Within minutes he was finished the delicious meal and helping himself to a second plate.

Barris had become quite good at cooking over the years. It wasn’t a very big interest of his, but a duty nonetheless. Chances of Balamor cooking a palatable meal were frightening enough to have Barris hone his own skill. The two ate their food in silence for the most part. His father wasn’t one to talk in any case, only saying what he did when the time demanded it. Balamor shared this trait with his father, but he was much less charismatic when he did choose to speak. He was a thinker, and on his mind now, was he plan to leave the Raehl.

It was something his father knew nothing about, and for his sake Balamor wanted to keep it that way. If he were to find out where he was traveling to, his father would insist he not go alone, delaying his travel further, which wasn't an option. It was a risky decision to leave without telling his father before, rather than after. But he knew that risks needed to be taken, even as a hobbit. As his fork jabbed at the greens on his plate he wondered when he would return home, when he would eat another home cooked meal. He would have to wait for answers to such questions, right now what mattered was how he would evade his father.

He would have to leave at sunrise before his father awoke to work at the mill. If he could leave by then, he could be making his way down the Faric during the early day. He wanted to speak with his grandfather about the runes before he left the Raehl, hoping he could provide the answers which the red book could not. He finished his second helping quietly and began cleaning up when his father looked up at him.

"Make sure you're up early, I need your help at the mill."

He handed Balamor his dishes after pushing in his chair before vanishing beyond the light of the lantern on the table. Balamor washed the dishes, quickly snuffed the flame of the lantern and made his way to his room. He grabbed his pack from his bed and fetched his notebook. Sitting down before opening his drawer slowly, he copied the symbols of his runes into his notebook one by one.

After finishing his sketches he shut the drawer and returned the notebook to his pack, placing it on the desk. He knew there wasn’t a chance he would leave tonight as he shook his head in disappointment. He stood his back straight as he gave out a sigh and lunged himself to his bed, asleep within minutes.

The End

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