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Adjacent to his bed a hole cut for a window poked through the slats of wood, faintly revealing his village the Raehl. A crack of thunder jolted through the air, muffled by the glass and the sound of rain crashing against his window. Balamor threw his pack onto his bed, and searched its contents for the book he had taken from the library. Snatching it from the leather bag, the book was thick, its hard cover upholstered with red cloth which shimmered in the light.

Its label was stamped into a leather spine, Runes and Rune Words. He flipped through the pages until he found the symbol from before. He moved to his feet with the book nestled in his right arm and walked to the desk which stood by the window. Pulling back the drawer he revealed a random assortment of stones, a silver flask, and various writing utensils. He started to browse through the stones; each had a symbol etched into its surface. His hands shifted through the stones, glancing back at the symbol in the book each time.

Ten of them nearly filled his drawer. Finally he held the matching stone in his palm, referring to the book for more information. He concluded that the symbol was unknown to the author of the book as well. The only information he could draw from the text was that this symbol was a rune word, which belonged to an ancient language. He learned that this symbol – as well as many others unknown to him – was transferred onto different objects. They were called “runes”, Balamor recognized the terminology, but nothing more, and so he read on.

These runes were said to be tools used to channel energy into different forms. It was unknown how this was done, the book claimed. Using common tongue to activate these runewords has proven to be unsuccessful. He flipped the pages of book, passing by pictures of other symbols contained within different shapes and materials. The book stated that they seemed to play a role in its function.

He found himself reading over different stories of where the runes had been discovered. For the most part these ancient items resided within the treacherous mountains of the north, somewhere he would not yet venture. As he learned more about runes he began to question the ten he had in front of him. In fact, he had more than the book itself, which left him with more questions unanswered. His mind fell back to the journey he prepared for; he began to wonder if these runes were somehow connected to the Mog Brush.

Before he could contemplate his thoughts further, the voice of his father caught his ear, “Come eat before it's cold!” Balamor returned the rune to his drawer, shutting it softly. The book was closed and set atop the desk before he left to join his father. His hairy feet thudded against the floorboards as he advanced down the hall. Barris was seated at a small table in the center of the dining room consuming his food. Balamor gathered his robes and plopped himself on the chair across from him.

The End

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