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The Southland has been quiet for decades, undisturbed from the everyday routine. The Anstian Monarchy has stretched its grip far across the territories of the mid-south with an intent to keep any trace of magic suppressed. But there's one mapmaker in particular whose taste for knowledge and righteous determination will begin to uncover ancient secrets and destine blood ties.


The sounds of flipped pages echoed through the cold library of the Wisebeard home. Through narrow aisles of books, past the glass panels shielding precious tomes and scriptures; sat the small hobbit figure of Balamor. He was a stocky man, wearing brown robes which draped from his shoulders to the tips of his furry feet. His short frame sat hunched over an open book lying amongst others – scattered across a small wooden table – as it had been for hours.

Balamor stared intensely at the leather bound book below him, his finger tracing each line as he read on. Frequently he would turn to a thin notebook and write his findings down. Everything but the pages he turned stood motionless; the stale smell of paper filled the air, lingering along with the dust.

Under curly locks of brown hair his eyes were a steel blue sunken below a bushy brow. A short round nose fell between them. The line of his mouth was drawn between thick mutton chops outlining his square jaw. He paused and gazed into thought, rubbing his chin for a moment, his surroundings blurred out of focus. Quickly snapping back, he began rummaging through various texts on the table, plucking out an old parchment scroll, he started to unroll it carefully.

The light from the lantern beside him revealed a large map as Balamor began to scan the lines of roads and rivers mentioned in the book. The book was worn with time and use. The leather faded and ripped in spots, rings of coffee or tea stained its pages. The text was ornate in style, but smudged in spots, sometimes causing Balamor to fill in the blanks. The author labeled himself as The Fourth Valorhorn he traveled the lands of the south documenting his experiences in this book. There was one in particular that interested Balamor the most, the wanderer traveled to a place he called “Nature's Graveyard".

From his experiences, he described the land as a tormented forest which he would dread to revisit, writing that anything within its bounds would be swallowed up by the earth if left alone for too long. As Balamor traced the map, the details faded into a large blank spot. Although the Valorhorn went into great detail of the events that took place during his travel, his documents of directions fell short once he entered a place called the “Forest of Nim". The only clue he gave to Balamor was that within this forest there was a tree which guided the unknown wanderer to his destination - the Mog Brush.

The End

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