I sat in my room, curled in a ball on my bed, gently rocking forward and backward until I got onto the floor instead. 

Shua opened the door and shook his black hair. I slowly looked up at him, thinking it was Chiaki then looked back down, pushing it out of my head. I heard him walk up towards me and felt his presence around me, he was standing over me, breathing heavily, then he sat down next to me, one leg down and one leg up with his hand one knee. He scratched the back of his hair.

I could see he felt awkward. I stayed silent then slowly stood up after a minute and walked towards the door. "Wait!"He exclaimed. I slowly turned, one hand on the door-opening button.

"Yes?" I whispered uneasily.

"Oh,"He paused, "Nothing, it's fine. We better go say goodbye to Sheeta," I sighed and opened the door for him as we walked slowly towards the lab where Max and Sheeta were waiting.

"Now?"I asked Max. He nodded and led us in towards machines. We saw a man dressed in a white lab coat. He had short hair and thick black rimmed glasses. He led us through some double doors into a large empty white room. 

"Where is it?" Sheeta asked the professor.

"I'll turn it on in a moment, it's best if you all say goodbye first." He said smiling and walking towards a large computer and a machine with too many buttons.

Max and Shua walked out and I hugged onto Sheeta tightly. "You better come back when we're both 75," We laughed and I felt my tears fall down my cheeks and onto her shoulder.

"Of couse, I might need a walking stick though,"We laughed again and stood there in silence, holding each other. We then let go.

"You better be careful alright?" I smiled and she nodded. We hugged and and kissed each others cheeks then I walked out and nodded to Max and Shua that it was time.

"Take care Sheeta, I love you." Shua said, hugging her.

"I love you too Shua," He then walked out and stood with me. We walked out into the hall and stood together. 


Me and Max stood in that room for forever. Holding each other tightly. He took my chin and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Be safe," He whispered to me. I nodded and buried into his chest., crying. "No tears now, be happy. I love you." He kissed my head and let me go gently, I got prepared to be alone forever again.

The End

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