You hear the screams in a few moments, the screams and shouts of death itself, the screams and shouts of Chiaki


I climbed the tower of Echobon, going round and around, getting higher and higher each step I took. Then finally I got to the small, circular top, looking through a large window at the sky. 

When I was a child, my mother used to tell me that people who went up here would see above the clouds, and above the clouds it would all be beautiful and light baby blue.

She was right. 

I smiled and stared at everything, but I knew my happiness would fade immediately because in this exact spot is where they will kill Chiaki. In 5 hours a knife would kill him, and I felt like it was all my fault.


I stood in the centre of Echobon, the centre of the only living city within 1000 miles. I looked up at the highest tower, where they kill the people who do the wrong things. In five hours I'd hear the screams echoing through the city. Where everyone would hear them.

I looked up at the tower. It went above the clouds, I wondered what it would be like to see what's above the clouds. Maybe space, or maybe just more clouds.

People occasionally pushed past me, in the urgent chance to get away from everything and get back to their homes. People knew it was coming, the screams, so they got every chance they could to get away from it and block it out. Thunder clapped loudly.

It would start to rain in 


Water hit the large, clear roof of our city, making banging noises like always. I sat on the nearest bench, lying my head back on it and trying to listen to nothing but the rain. I closed my eyes for a while, then opened them to be alone. No-one around me, not even a single robot or human. I was alone, completely alone.

I lay my head back again, the rain had settled now. I guess I had been sleeping for a while. I looked up again to see Keira, tears in her eyes, staring at me. I stood up and she ran to me quickly, burying herself in my arms.

"You hear the screams in a few moments, the screams and shouts of death itself, the screams and shouts of Chiaki," she cried, clinging to my suit. I rubbed her head gently and she let go. We stood in front of the tower, ready for everything.

"Did you say goodbye?" I whispered to her, rubbing her clammy hand that was held tightly in mine. She nodded. Nothing else was left said. 

The clock struck loudly, 12 o'clock. Me and  Keira counted. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven...twelve.

A large scream came from the tower, echoing through the whole entire city. The people who ran before had failed to not be able to hear it. Another scream, lasting longer than the last one. And then the last scream, the ear piercing scream that threatened us all, telling us this could happen to you.

Then...complete silence. 

Keira ran into my arms, crying and screaming Chiaki's name. Everyone could hear. Everyone knew what was happening. Everyone knew it was Chiaki. 

He was no friend of mine, and never will be. But I felt heavy pity in my heart for this man and for Keira. The love they deeply shared which was torn apart. But he is better now, he is good.

Because he has been sent now up towards Jubralta, where the sky is always blue. And will be forever.

The End

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