I sat infront of the official officer of Echobon's office, scared as a child on a roller coaster for the first time. I sat with my hands in my lap, banging my head on the wall behind me and attempting to listen to the shouts behind the thick door that seemed too thick.

"Why didn't she tell us?!" A voice boomed.

"Because she's a scoundrel, she deserves to be punished!" Another replied.

"Not punished, killed!" My eyes opened widely and a voice shushed them.

"She is not going to be punished or killed!We'll just have to talk to her." The voice that shushed them said and I immediately got out of my seat and wiped my suit. "Keira?Come in now!" The voice called to me as my clammy hand turned the knob on the door slowly and I stepped in. "Ah, good to see you." A man who had short brown hair smiled at me from a desk at the back of the room. Two men stood at his sides.

I smiled back sheepishly and slowly walked towards him and stood a few metres away, scared of them all. 

"We need to discuss something with you, would you care to sit?" The man smiled.

"No-thankyou."I eyed the chair uneasily and stood where I was.

"Alright, well we just need to ask you some questions."He stood up and tucked his chair in. His pale green eyes melted me like runny honey. I breathed heavily.

"Yes?"I replied.

"Do you know a young man called, oh I don't know...Chiaki?" I shot my eyes at him seriously.

"Yes, yes I do." I couldn't lie any more, I was trapped in iron bars. It was too risky, even saying the tiniest lie they would find out. They already know he tried to take the information to Echobon.

"Did you know it was him who tried to steal the information to Echobon?"He asked, grinning. It was hopeless. I sighed and looked down at the floor.

"Yes, yes I do."I repeated like before.

"And you didn't tell us?"He looked at me ashamed but happiness played with his lips.

"No I did not tell you." I saved the explanations for later until he asked me a decent one.

"Why not?" That was the decent one. They'd got me sucked to them like glue.

"Because Chiaki was my old friend and I didn't want him to get found out."I breathed.

"Well that was a bad decision to make Keira, a terrible mistake." He looked back up at me and the other two men grinned. He wasn't smiling and he eyes them both, they immediately stopped.

"Why?"I whispered, it was happening. And it was all my fault, I knew I shouldn't have done it. I know he shouldn't have done it. It was happening, it was now. I looked up at him, tears in my eyes.

"Because we're going to have to kill him."He replied.

The End

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