It was raining. Again. I wanted to go out in it, I felt I had to for some reason. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted off into a dreamful and peaceful sleep.

I was running, running for my life. Someone was behind me but I couldn't suck up the courage to turn and see who it was. I was screaming for help and running down a long white hallway. Too long. There was a door at the end that I yearned to open and lock afterwards. Every time I got close to the door it slowly pulled away from me, so I was running again. I finally turned and screamed loudly to see myself. But it wasn't myself, it was something else.

It was me, Elizabeth. She had long curly hair that fell limply down her shoulders as she stood smiling at me scarily. Her eyes were bloodshot and blue veins were pulsing out of her head. She was frightening to me. She stood still, and very far away from me and every time I blinked she seemed to get closer.







She was a survivor. She killed me.

I woke startled and panting loudly. That smile haunted me and I started to cry. That was the scariest dream I had ever had, I mean the scariest nightmare I'd ever had. I turned quickly to see if anyone was behind me, only a wall. I stared around my dark room and turned the light on, slowly walking to the bathroom and washing my face, looking up at myself in the mirror. Then something hit me.

I had to choose. I had to choose between Shua and Max. Max didn't love me but he was protective over me that showed he cared for me. But Shua cared too much and was also protective and kind. 

Max doesn't love me. Shua doesn't love me. I attempted to push that into my brainless head. I should just get on with life the way I used to. A voice in my head whispered to me.

You can stop this, you can go back home.

It said. 

How? I replied in my head.

Choose, the one you choose will be the one who gets you home. It said.

And what if I don't choose? I asked. A long pause was held between us.

You never get home.


The End

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