I'm coming to get you

I want so many things right now it seems stupid. I want to have a mother, I want someone to love me. I want to be back home, I want to be Elizabeth. I want to be me and I don't want to be here. What I want is to not know any of these people or have feelings for them. This is impossible, impossibly impossible.

The tears of the clouds fell.

I lay in my heated bed in a vest and nickers, listening to the rain. I sighed and turned onto my side. My communicator divice buzzed. I picked it up and sat up in bed.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Do you want to stay there?" A voice asked.

"Who is this?-"

"Do you want to stay there?" The voice asked again firmly.

"Not right now. But I want to go back afterwards." A heavy sigh came from the other side.

"I'm coming to get you." They hung up. I immediately went into shock. Someone was coming for me. Oh my god, what if I got hurt. What if the others got hurt. I had to warn someone. 

As I dressed quickly I was thinking about how stupid I was to say if I wanted to stay. I'm angry so I don't want to stay but I'd miss them if I went. Maybe that person was the one who made me travel in time, maybe it was...

I picked up my device and ran out of my room down the white halls, calling through my phone. "We have an alert Max, someone is coming for me. I don't know when or why or how but they are. 

I ran urgently, quickening my pace every second. 

I was scared.

I got to Max's room to see him standing in front of me,fully dressed. "I knew this time would come."He whispered sighing. "Come on." He through me a large gun and I smiled at him, we ran together to the front gate of Echobon, protecting ourselves and our city. He must have told Keira and Shua because they came after one minute. We stood silently, listening to the rain and waiting for someone to come.

We looked through the rain and saw a figure walking through it. He was walking through it. It was a survivor. We shot at it quickly and it screamed and lunged for us all, running like a cheetah. It's face was terrifying.

"Shut the gate!Shut the gate!"Max shouted. We closed down the gate and heard banging and screaming from the outsides of it. I looked at it,frightened. I didn't know I was one of these. We stood in silence listening to it all,waiting for it to stop. Max looked at me cautiously but I was so engrossed by the dents the person was making in the iron gate.

"You should go." He whispered.

"No."I was determined to stay with him incase anyone came for me in my bedroom.

"You have to, it isn't safe here. They won't be in Echobon there is no other way in apart from here. You will be safe asleep. Shua you take her-"

"I'm staying." I hissed. Max nodded to Shua as he grabbed me in his muscular arm and dragged me back to me room, my arms folded in a huff the whole way. He finally let me walk there when we were at least 30 metres from my room.

"He was right you know, it isn't safe back there. You don't know what survivors are like."Shua finally said to me over the silence of everything.

"I was one, I think I should know."I felt stupid copping such a strop but it was necessary. 

"Max cares about you. That's all."

"Why should he?It seemed like he didn't before." We finally got to my room and we stood outside my door together.

"Listen to me."He looked me in the eyes seriously, taking my chin. "He.Does."I felt uneasy being held in his large,warm hand. But I felt safe. Shua was a good friend to me, he had been since I came here. He wasn't Max, but he was Shua. I smiled sheepishly at him as he let me go.

He looked me in the eyes again. "Take care," He whispered. We both knew it wasn't a kind gesture, more like a warning. A warning for me. I thought he was saying to me just by these small words,

Max really does care about you, he has since he met you. But it doesn't mean I don't care about you because I do. I might be big and I might not be dreamy but I'm Shua and I care about you too.

I knew immediately then who was coming to get me. The person played a trick to talk to me. To warn me of this. The person cares about me. The person was Shua.

The End

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