Things happen for a reason,like now

"It's like when we were kids." Chiaki whispered to me,the sun shining down at us. I knew what was coming next but I also knew I would not do it.

I smiled at the sun."Good memories." They were good memories,or maybe just a good dream...I couldn't tell. "It's beautiful..."I whispered to myself,astonished. It was exactly like my dream.

"It is," I couldn't turn my face away from it, I wanted to look Chiaki in the eye and say that it wasn't right, I forced myself. I forced with all of my strength. I couldn't even blink, It was hopeless.

But the thing was I didn't really want to. I didn't want to be with Chiaki,not in that way. My brain was bouncy and rubbery and it felt like a man was scratching his way out of my head. I was so confused.

"How did you know I would be here and today would be the day the sun came out?How did you know that I would see you and today was the day it was here?Was it a coincidence?Are we messing around with fate or something?"I asked. I was confused by this. This wasn't a coincidence,he new it would be happening. Someway or other.

"Keira I have never believed in fate or 'coincidences'.Things happen for a reason,like now. I guess things are just supposed to happen whether we like them or not."He sighed. The sun hadn't said its goodbyes yet which I was happy about.

"You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water,"I quietly murmerd to myself.


The clouds slowly began to cover up the light and beautiful blue sky. Killing all joy that was here as thunder burned across the sky above us.

"Good-bye."Me and Chiaki whispered in unison. I finally turned to see him still staring back at where the sun was. His face was plane and pale, almost unemotional whatsoever. I exhaled loudly.

"It's gone now.It won't happen again until we're dead."He croacked uneasily.

"But..."I turned my head swiftly back towards the clouds infront of us."I'll remember it forever,"I smiled to myself and felt the blush spread in my cheeks.

"Me too."We laughed together.

It felt like we sat there for years just staring at the clouds and listening to the thunder,getting soaked by the rain.

"They will be wondering where I am,it's been two days."I sighed,he knew who I was talking about.

"Yes."We got up together and stood silently.I slowly began to walk back to the stairs then turned to seem him still standing there.

"Good-bye Chiaki,"We both knew what that meant. I whispered it but I knew he heard me.

"Good-bye." He said without turning.I walked down the stairs,tears floating behind me.

Things were different after that, very different. I rode home in the rain in my motorbike back to Echobon to see people surrounding the area saying they'd been looking for me for two days. 

Max was angry,very angry. He said I was immature and stupid and if I wasn't that good at my job I would be out in the rain, a survivor by now.I didn't want him to be angry, I didn't want Sheeta to be worried sick about me ad I didn't want attention whatsoever. I didn't know what I wanted, it all seemed so complicated.


I stared emptily out of the glass window at Echobon, ships floating around the sky, people riding motorbikes, tall buildings with lights surrounding them all. Everything seemed to be blue, or turquoise or silver. Like they wanted the sky to come back. They, when I say they I mean everyone does.

Footsteps slowly walked up behind me. I didn't turn to see who it was, I knew already.

"You should be dead right now." The voice sighed, Maximum's voice.

"I know."I replied.

"Then why are you standing in front of me?"

"Because Chiaki did the right thing and saved me-"

"Chiaki broke the law and betrayed everything we have left! He attempted to steal from us too! He should be down there where he deserves to be!" He boomed, I turned to see him breathing heavily, pointing to the glass floor.

"So you don't want me alive then?"I whispered uneasily. He exhaled loudly and sat on the plastic chair.

"What I want is for you to go back to your own time. To be Elizabeth again."

"Well, I've tried that already and things didn't work out so good so now I'm Sheeta. This is me now, and there is nothing you can do about it." I hissed, storming off in a ridiculous rage.



The End

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