Dream happy dreams for the morning awaits us

2142 A.D

"How long has it been raining?" The girl whispered to herself over the screams of thunder."Forever." She sighed.

"No, not forever... for 100 years." The girl began as she stared at the black and grey clouds twirling around the sky. The rain harshly hit the dark, ugly wastelands. "They say billions of people once lived on the earth, but when temperatures rose... the great cities fell. And this rain came, this terrible, toxic rain.Our ancestors saw it coming, the catastrophe. They built Echobon, the first living city, genetically engineered to survive in a poisonous environment.

"Echobon became our refuge. Our salvation. Survivors came by the thousand, begging to be let in. But our ancestors turned them away, left them to die in the wasteland. The ones who survived became our workers, mining the carbonate fields to feed our Echobon. They need us, we need them. Everybody wins. But some win more than others." The thunder clapped loudly in her ears as she looked up at the sky.

This is what I was thinking about before I slept in the dark hallway next to Chiaki. And this...is what I dreamt of...

I was in my bed, only a white vest and nickers on. I was young.Someone shook my arm and I slowly lifted my eyelids.

"Chiaki?"I whispered shocked.

"Come on let me take you somewhere!"He exclaimed, taking my arm and pulling me of bed. He pulled me through Echobon and took me to a nearby glass window.

"Professor Noah said the sky used to be blue!Sky blue he said.that was what they called the colour!My mom says there is a place where the sky is always blue, it's an island called Jabrolta!"He shouted at me smiling. I stood far from the window, blushing slightly but staring at him strangely. He sighed and slumped over to him,his head hanging low. "You 'wanna see something?!"He asked excitedly,smiling again.

"What?"I asked.


He pushed through a small grey door and fell out onto the ground. We were extremely high up I noticed.

"Be careful!"I shouted,helping him up. He laughed then scratched the back of his head. We were on a roof. I walked around a little with him behind me, then he led the way again. I stopped.

"This place is off limits. We should go back..."I whispered uneasily. He came back to me.

"Why?"He asked me.

"I'm scared."

"Don't worry,I'll protect you." I smiled feebily at his words that seemed to make me feel happy and homely."Come on Keira,I'm 'gonna show you something. You'll remember it forever!"He shouted as he ran off with me to the edge of the building. We sat down together and he covered my eyes.

"What are you doing?"I asked.

"Ok Keira,you can open your eyes now." I felt the smile in his voice as he took his hand away. I immediatly felt warmth on my cheeks as I slowly opened my eyes to something spectacular. 

"Wow, it's incredible!"I shouted.

A light slowly broke out of the clouds and shone beautiful colours on them. I looked at the dust motes floating around as the beauty of it beholded me. Me and Chiaki smiled and laughed amazed at it. It was the sun.

"How did you know about this?"I asked. He took a piece of paper and flew it off of the roof towards the beautiful sunlight. It flew around the bright blue sky with barely any clouds.

"Professor Noah said this would happen today. In Jabrolta the people see this every day! I'm 'gonna go there one day. You can come to...if you like."He giggled as I kissed him gently on the cheek. He blushed then fell back onto the roof, I laughed at him and blushed, falling back with him.

That sky was so beautiful it blinded our eyes. But it didn't last long,it disappeared behind the clouds. That was the last I ever saw of it. And the last I ever saw of Chiaki.




The End

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