The Pans Laberinth

Dazed and disoriented, we searched around the large Sinicon, blindly searching for a way out. We came across occasional guards, me standing there foolishly and the girl using marshal arts on them. I never did find out her name, now was the time.

"What's your name?!" I puffed as we ran through a long-much too long-white corridor with men behind us.

"Fiona, but you can call me"What a strange name...

"Sheeta, but I used to be Elizabeth."I replied.

"Cool, now lets get going!" She shouted as we passed labs and went up stairs. This was tiering me out so much. We exhaled quickly as we came to some large doors. They were getting closer.

"How do we open them?!" I shouted.


"uh..." I noticed a large red button on my right.


I slammed my hand on it as the door went up, we ran through them and pushed the button again. A hand came under the door and got sqwished under it. We heard shouts from the other side as blood oozed through and made a pool. We screamed and ran off, coming face to face with the heros of this scene.

Max,Shua and Keira stood in front of us, their faces confused. "Who are you two?" Max asked.

"It's me! Me! Sheeta! I mean Elizabeth! They restored my body! I was dying and they helped, only to find out they were the bad ones...this is Mona! I couldn't leave her to die Max," I sighed.

"They restored her body..." He mumbled to Shua.

"Yes but she looks quite beautiful," He whispered back.

"I've had enough of this!" Keira screamed. "You've came here to save her and all you're doing is rambling on about how pretty she is. I'm going. Alone." Keira shouted at them, storming off in a large rage towards her motorbike.

"She's just a little tired, come on we have to go."We all ran together towards out motorbikes.


As I stormed off around the corner I was pulled inside a small gap between the walls, a clammy hand covering my mouth and a cool hand over my waist. I screamed loudly but it sounded muffled over the hand. I kicked and fidgeted then turned to see them in the dark.

It was Chiaki. 

We stared at each other for a few moments before I slid down the wall and sat on the ground. He sat opposite me. I covered my face with my hands like I normally do.

"Ruff day huh?" he asked.

"I can't believe you would do this..." I whispered to him.

"I had to."I stared up at him in shock, tears welling in my eyes but I forced them back by crunching my teeth together.

"You me you had to or you wanted to." I hissed.

"I had to." He whispered. I sighed.

"Echobon is important to us. How could you do this? It's ours. It's mine. You can't take it away-"

"We need to to make our world again-"

"By turning mad outsiders into humans?! Illegally? What happens when you run out of dead bodies?! You'll have to kill people won't you. We don't want more dead than we have now." I hissed.


"Well what?!" I replied. "Just stay in Sinicon for the time being, you can't go anywhere else." I exhaled deeply.

"What about Echobon?" He asked in wonder.

"If you come to Echobon with me people will be wondering where you are, people will be looking for you and people will want to come also. I won't allow it." I covered my hand over my eyes again as we sat in silence for which felt like years. He took my hand away from my face

"At least let me take you to where we used to go when we were kids," He whispered. I smiled as he took my hand and pulled me through the dark hall way.



The End

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