He will die, he will die now

~Maximum Ride~

I banged my fist on the glass table. "We will hunt her down if it's the last thing we do in our lives." I shouted.

"Max they could have killed her by now, or restored her body..."Keira whispered.

"No!No!She doesn't deserve this! She doesn't belong in this world and she certainly doesn't belong there!" I screeched. Keira's eyes frequently stared from me to my fist.

"Then how do you suppose we all get to Sinicon and get her without being caught, without leaving our city alone and without getting killed hm?" She asked sarcastically. "You can't go alone." She hissed.

"Well what If I have to?!"

"Even if you have to, do you have a plan of getting in?Do you?!" I sighed down at the floor and slumped back in my chair.

"No."I whispered.

"And if the girl is already dead then what is the point of going to get a dead body and getting killed for just a ragged, dead, ugly,body?!" I growled under my breath and she whispered,"Even if she was alive...she would have been either restored into another person or an outsider by now." 

"What do you suppose we do then?..." A long silence filled the room of workers.

"We leave it. We get on with our lives and let them be, there is nothing we can do-" She sighed.

"I am doing nothing but that. Anything, just get her back safely. I'm going alone. Just because you don't like the girl doesn't mean we should let her die." I hissed and banged the table again.

"I'm coming with you." Shua looked at me certainly.

"Alright, me and Shua can go alone while you take care of Echobon, let no-one in, let no-one out. Understand?" Everyone nodded apart from Keira. I looked towards her, her hand was on her face and her red hair covered her in dismay. "Are you coming?" I asked. She looked up, her red eyes filled with tears. She nodded lightly.



"You stay here now little kitty, don't move," The bald man chuckled as I was tied onto a chair.

" If I'm going to die...do it quickly, I don't want a long and painful death." I tried to look like I wasn't bothered by this, but the truth is I am extremely scared out of my leather suit.

"Ok." He smiled and walked away with the other ginger man around the corridor. I fidgeted around in the seat, pulling the wires that were scratching my hands and trying to pull them out. Since when do people tie you up with barb wire instead of rope?! Oh no...I knew why.


I cried silently, bending my head back so the tears rolled over my ears and onto my short hair. This would be painful. Very painful.I huffed, they wouldn't do this, I was too important, I just had to suck it up and live with it. Who was I kidding, we all know that I can't do this.

Then he walked in, Chiaki. The handsome man who I thought I knew more than this. He silently walked towards me, playing with a lock of my short hair. i stayed frozen, my breathing becoming heavier by the second. 

We stayed there for a while until we both new he had to break the silence. "I don't want to do this," He whispered.

"Then why are you doing it?!" I hissed back.

"You are the only person who has been to Echobon and knows the information to it. We need you to be truthful and tell us everything." He asked me politely but I decided to make a witty remark.

"Well this is a big mistake. Do you know why? You restored my body, and I knew quite a bit about Echobon before and now, I know a little that isn't important whatsoever. Your mistake.Sorry."

I could have sworn he whispered damn it. "Do it." he nodded his head in the direction of the wall behind me. Sparks blew up the wires and shocked me harshly. I shivered and screamed violently as I fidgeted around the chair trying to get them off of me. It stopped after 10 seconds of eternal pain. "So what were you saying?" He asked. My breathing was heavier than before and If I bit my tongue right now I'm sure it would bleed.

"Hurt me all you want but I'm not saying anyth-" I screamed in pain as it shocked me again. He stopped it and Chiaki bent down in front of me.

"Tell me." He spat. I could feel dribble coming down my mouth and my hair was making pop noises. I couldn't think let alone speak. "Alright then, turn it to 60 vaults. Leave her to die."

"Wait!" I screamed. He smiled and the man who wanted to electricute me sighed.


"All I know is...they have sagaii girl festivals, they have offices, and they all go around wearing funny leather suits," He looked at me strangely."Oh yeah and there was an intruder alert, but it was a while ago." I sighed.

"Put her back in the cell," he breathed. They undid everything and held me tightly, pushing me along towards the cell. The bald man and the ginger man took me, chattering endlessly about stupid things. I knew what to do. When we came around the corner and we were about to walk towards my cell, I flung the fat one around and slammed him to the ground stamping on him, then grabbed the scrawny one and banged his head onto one of the bars on the cells. When they both were out completely out of it I took their keys and ran up to the girls cell. I quickly scrambled through the keys and undid the door, grabbing her hand and pulling her past mad men and screaming children.

"What are you doing?!" She cried.

"Getting you out of here that's what I'm doing." I replied as we ran around a corner and an alarm sounded noisily. We stopped dead. Chiaki was in front of us. His black hair and dark eyes dangerously close to our faces.

"Where do you think your going?" He asked over the alarm. He tried to grab my arm but the girl next to me had something in her hand and slammed him around the head with it. I looked to the ground to see Chiaki, unconcioussness overwhelming him.

"Uh..." I looked at her and Chiaki, completely confused.

"I want to get out too! Come on!" We ran through empty corridors, passing the red lights above us that sounded even louder than before. We stumbled around nervously running away from guards and running away from danger as we know it. We were in a maze of madness, searching our way out.

The End

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