As soon s I opened my eyes I knew immediately I was somewhere different. I was in the dark and I was freezing cold, only a small amount of light came from in front of me and behind me. I chose the one in front.

As I slowly crawled my way to the light, a grabbed my hand onto something. It was long and slivery, I pulled myself closer and managed to stand up and look around the room.

It was quite small, but big enough to walk around in. A small window stood at the back wall, covered in bars but letting the moon shine through onto the ground. I stared at the floating dust motes in the light and turned back around. My hands were in bars. Not snakes, bars. 

A girl was trapped opposite me, scared and fragile looking. She sat curled up in a ball, she was in a barred room too. She slowly looked up at me, her pretty blue yet frightening eyes pierced into my skin. I stared at the girl in horror.

"Excuse me?" I asked her. "Where am I?" The girl looked back up at me.

"They come and go, but when they leave I hear their screams..." She whispered.


"You are in Sinicons jail. The city Sinicon. They changed your body too..."

"Sinicon?I'm not in Echobon any more..."

"No you're not." She stood up. "You are in a much worse place. If you have powers or anything just get out of this place before they kill us both." She cried.

"They'll kill us?!" I whispered in horror.

"Or worse."She replied.

"I don't see what can be worse than death-"

"They send us up to the lab, test us, hurt us, then kill us." A shot of deja-vu burst into my brain, opening a door to the white room. Guns...and knives were on the table. That was the room I was in...She closed my dangerous thoughts. "I've seen them drag people by the hair on the ground, stomping on them and whipping them then shooting them in front of my eyes..." She whispered and sat back on the cold floor.

"But why are they doing this?!" I shouted and she looked at me in horror, covering her eyes with her knees. I could have sworn she mumbled,

"You've done it now." But it was so low I think I was just thinking of it. Heavy footsteps came towards me quickly and I got back on the ground and lay, pretending to be sleeping. I could hear a mans heavy breathing in front of the bars, I felt his stare burn onto my face. 

"Maybe we should keep this one!" The man shouted as another person walked over.

"Why?" Someone else asked. I knew who they were talking about.

"Look at her!How long has she been out of it?! Good few hours! I've never seen someone be out this long, must of been a punch. We have to take her to the lab, not to kill her to tell Chiaki. 

He'll do something about this," He said. Not back to him I'd do anything to stay where I am. I chose the most dangerous option. I lifted my eyelids and fluttered them gently, moving over to my side and shifting my body up so I was sitting now. I looked at them both and yawned.

"Hello." A rather bulky man said.

"Hi..." I whispered.

"How are you feeling?"The other scrawny man asked me, he had ugly ginger hair and the other was bald.

"Bad." I whispered.

"Poor you, right we'll have to take you back to the lab for testing-"

"No!" I screamed, crawling backwards so I was under the window. They looked at me and smiled.

"Come on little chicken, there is nothing to be afraid of..."The bald one said, I saw the fear in the young girls eyes from behind the men as they opened my door and took me away screaming...and screaming...and screaming.


The End

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