"Right, pupils ordinary for this time of day. Face, very pale, circles under eyes. Heart beat...seems to be increasing. Slight shivering. Now shaking. Code 1, alert Chiaki!" A man shouted.

"What's going on?" Someone ran over. "Oh my god, get all scientists now. Come on!" He shouted, electricuting me on my chest. My throat stung and burnt me harshly. Another shock. My eyes shot open. Something was holding my hands and feet down.

I screamed and shouted an earpiercing screech ad shook and fidgeted, trying to get out of the chains that were holding me down. I let out another scream then fell back down.

"Heart beat slowing...and slowing." Another man said.

"Stop, help her! help her!" They shouted.


My eyes slowly opened to a totally different world.

"Hello outsider," A handsome man with long black hair smiled down at me. I smiled back. Why did everyone have to be handsome here?

"Hello." I whispered back.

"Atleast you arn't trying to murder me now." He laughed. Another man smiled at us both who was in a white cloak and had a clipboard under his right arm.

"If you don't mind...what am I?" I asked him.

"You are now an outsider called Sheeta. The toxic rain killed your old body, this is your new body. It has been restored with new things than you new before."He smiled. I felt my eyes widen.

"Sheeta?Ok...so...who are you? Have you been restored too?" I asked him. I couldn't ajust to all of this.

"Yes I have been restored. I'm Chiaki. You should be able to remember Keira and Max? Yes?" I nodded lightly. Maximum Ride and Keira, the one with red eyes. She was now beautiful to me. I realised I wasn't chained up now.

"May I get up?" I asked.

"Of course." He smiled taking my hand and helping me up off of the steal table. I looked around. I was in an empty white room like the last one but there was basically nothing in it. The other man had walked out and it was now me and Chiaki standing by the table. A large mirror sat on one of the walls and machinery was placed all around the table, knives, weapons, water, boxes of wires. Everything. I looked at them all in shock.

"What did you do to me?!" I asked him.

"We switched you into someone elses body. You are now in the body of Sheeta. Look in the mirror." He pointed behind me. I turned and slowly walked towards the mirror in amazement, my hands on my face.

My hair was short and brown, it was cut awqwardly and the ends were prickly and it stopped just bellow my eyes. It was ruff and dirty. My face was a pale color but I had rosy, pinky, colored cheeks. I had dark violet-blue circles under my eyes and my eye color was actually beautiful. A chestnut brown filled them, and a dot of butterscotch was next to the pupil in my right eye. I loved them. I was so pretty, it amazed me. Despite my shortly cut hair I liked it. My lips were soft and dark pink and I just loved every part of my face. I still envied Chiaki, he was so handsome. I wished I was a boy just be as handsome as him. That was odly weird.

"Why is my hair so short?"I continued to look in the mirror but heard his approach behind me.

"Company policy. Women have to keep it short."He smiled at my face in the mirror. This was no ordinary mirror, people were looking through it from the other side.

"Why are people staring at us?" I asked. I new they could hear me too.

"How do you know that?" He replied.

"Because I know these things. Anyway...where are we?" I asked him more questions every second, he sighed.

"We arn't in Echobon any more. You can't go back." He looked down at his black, pointy shoes. I stared at him in shock.


"Well beacause...it's illegle. In Echobon it is anyway. So...you can't go back. You have to stay."

"Well I'm leaving." I walked quickly to the door but he grabbed my hand.

"You're staying." He said.

"I have to go back. They're probably looking for me. I'm going whether you like it or not." I hissed.

"In what?" He smiled. I yanked back my arm. I sighed and out of the corner of my eye I saw a gun on the steal table. I ran over and grabbed it, aiming it at his head.

"Let me go back. I'm going, now. In a motorbike. You take me to one, or I shoot." I nudged it harshly into his forehead. He put his hands up and walked infront of me.

"Ok, let me show you." I aimed the gun at the back of his head now and shoved him forward. We walked through many long hallways and up stairs and elevators. My gun was at his head all the time. We arrived at a large door.

"You're doing the wrong thing you know. This is for your own protection. I helped you live." He hissed. "They'll kill you if you go back, they'll say you're one of us."

"What are you then?!" I shouted.

"I'm the one who tried to steal the information that holds Echobon alright!" He screamed back, I stared at him in shock.

"You..." I whispered.

"I had to. It was the only way to keep others alive. The information that holds Echobon is how they made the city. We need to make more to keep others going. To keep the world going again." I stared at him as he turned quickly and punched me in the face.

It seemed I liked to loose conciousness a lot.

The End

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