Near death experiences always wear me out


"Why isn't she awake yet?!" An impatient voice called to someone, I listened dazed and disoriented. Footsteps walked towards me.


"It could be too late sir." Another voice replied.

"She doesn't deserve this. We have to send her back." They replied.

"It's already too late, we just have to wait. There is no other way. Patience is a virtue sir."

"Who gives a crap about patience, can't you see the girl is dying?!" They shouted.

"I'm sorry sir...time is important right now." I realised it was a girls voice, and her footsteps slowly faded away while a door shut. I knew instantly that she was now gone. The other voice breathed out a heavy sigh.


I slowly attempted to lift my eyelids, I tried pushing hard but they fell back down. I pushed violently again and saw a fuzz of a white room. Some more footsteps and another closed door. I managed to fully lift my eyelids.


Things were connected to my arms and forehead and an irritating beeping noise lurked around my ears. I was lying in bed, a white cover over me. I was comfortable, but a horrid urge wanted me to rip the wires off and scream.

I growled violently under my lips. This was something else, the growl was getting louder and it took me a while to notice it was actually me. It got higher pitched until finally I screeched with rage, tearing the wires from my skin and jumping out of my bed and screaming violently. Tears welled up in my eyes as I smashed the beeping machine and tore up my bed sheets. A man walked in to look at me as a light water came from under my lip. I screamed and lunged for him, he gently pushed me away but I jumped back to him, pulling his long black hair and scraching at his face. I bit at his arms but he simply stood silently.

I was outraged by his reactions as he just looked at me. I finally screamed up at the cealing and fell to the ground.

I finally managed to open my eyes again. I was laying on the ground, a young man staring down at me. He picked me up as I scratched at his face and growled inpatiently.

"Put me down." I hissed.

"In a moment." He laughed, I noticed that his face was now bleeding and his shirt was now torn, because of me. I cackled.

"I did this to you. Did it hurt? I think it did." I laughed also.

"Jees 874 or what." He sighed, I immediatly stopped scratching and looked up at him.

"What are you talking about monster?!" I asked.

"Monster?Me?No no, you are now the monster. You should look in the mirror." He laughed and I hissed at him, screaming again and punching him.

"You'll need an army or 1000 to get past me." He smiled and I screamed.

"Where are you taking me?!" I punched and kicked but he held on firmly, dropping me to hard floor in a dark room. I screamed.

"Shush. Right, we have to test you." He said.

"We?! What do you mean we?! Just let me out of this place you stupid idot!" I shouted, a soft hand touched mine. He leant down to whisper in my ear.

"Scientists and me have to test you. Like animal testing but it isn't cruel it's simply for science. Stay, for one minute, I will never hurt you."

"Why do you have to test me?" I asked rudely.

"Because you are now an outsider and we need to get you back." He sighed. "I've said this all before."

"What is your name wanderer." I hissed.

"My name is Chiaki. Now I need you to listen very carefully..."

The End

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