Confused emotions

If feeling like this... if feeling like this has hurt me so much, why do I continue. Why should I?Why you ask?Because I must.

I ran slowly towards the distant tunnel, my feet slowly dragging across the ground, it was happening to me. No-one would be coming for me, no-one would be coming to save me. I was all alone, and wet, and ill. I new I couldn't continue, the rain was here. It was killing me, the terrible, toxic rain.

I fell to the ground exhausted, slowly approaching death as the rain matted my body. I cried and didn't know if it were the rain or tears, yet the tears were warmer so I was crying. This was the end, the end of everything, of me and...London.

I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be in 2142 A.D, I should be in London. I should be with that terrible man on the streets bleeding to death. I am supposed to be dying right now from smacking my head.

But I am dying, not because of that, because of this. I'm dying, it's happening, it's me,it's now. And it hurts so much.

The End

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