What does fate have to do with anything? It wasn't a coincidence

I froze in horror as the mask lay on the floor and his gun was back to my face as I did at him. Although I knew I couldn't shoot him. I felt like a man was inside my head trying to scratch his way out, this wasn't happening. Why would Chiaki do something like this? It isn't him!

"Chiaki?" I whispered, he looked at my harshly, his hair covering half of his eyes. My watch beeped.

"Keira? We heard a gun we're coming up." Max shouted. I looked back up at Chiaki. We both new he had to go someday. Everything suddenly went slow. 

He shot the handcuff that held us together and shot all of the stain glassed windows just to hold my attention in that direction, as I slowly turned my head and the bullets fled past me, the glass shattered into thousands of pieces and he ran off in the opposite direction I came from. Then everything sped up again.

I stared at him in horror as Max and everyone ran into the room with guns. I still crouched on the ground, the gun still in my hand and my handcuff still in the other one. The white and black mask lay on the floor, covered in glass.

"Keira? What happened did, you get a good look at him?" He asked. I couldn't tell anyone about Chiaki, he was still my friend and I couldn't betray him. I stood up.

"No he... he ran off too fast." I huffed.

"But he had enough time to take his mask off?" Max asked in wonder. I stared at him emptily, scrambling in my head for another subject to talk about. I pointed to the lift on the left off me.

"He went in that direction, he's probably gone by now. I did notice that he didn't have the information to Echobon though." 

"Good, we'll see if we can find him." He smiled down at me. "Well done," He turned to Shua. "Tell everyone to go searching the building for him,everyone, me and Keira are going to go back to the office." He lifted me up and got someone to cut my handcuff off, taking me slowly back to the office.


"Calm down, we sometimes have check ups incase there really is an intruder, he's probably on his way back now." The woman I was talking to was right, he would be fine. Fine. I lied sheepishly. Max walked in with Keira next to him.

"Are you alright?!" I asked them both.

"We're fine, it was just a practice. Nothing to worry about." He sighed.

"Good, are you ok Keira, you look like a ghost?" I asked her, looking at her pale, fragile face.

"I'm fine." She smiled. 

"Ok then, I'm just going to change I'll be back soon." I took the clothes off of the chair and stumbled my way to the bathroom, wiping off all evidence that I even went to a party. When I walked back out I heard voices in the other room. I hid behind the wall and listened carefully.

"I'm telling you I didn't see his face." A voice hissed.

"Then why was the mask off?!" Another voice asked harshly. 

"He ran off too soon for me to see him." they replied.

"Explain the handcuff."

"His mask was already on then, just leave it ok, he didn't steal anything." I walked in.

"It was an intruder wasn't it." it wasn't a question, Max sighed and nodded. "You could've told me."

"You would have been frightened, you aren't old enough to understand." He huffed looking down at the table.

"I can understand anything. I'm good enough." I moaned, he stood up and bolted his chair back.

"Well you aren't from here! You will never understand how important this is!" He shouted at me, I gasped at his sudden frustration. He sat back down and cupped his hands over his eyes.

"I guess I'll go home then." I sighed walking out of the office and down the stairs to the carpark, waking through the tunnel and in the sudden rain that hit me hard.

I embraced the natural feeling of it, letting it soak deeply into my skin and fall down my face, but I was freezing so I ran down away from the beautiful Echobon, taking one last look at it then running with every breath I had left.

The End

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