Intruder alert

"You can't wear that! We'll get you nice and pretty." Max grinned pushing me into a room where many women plastered me in make-up and put me in a pretty dress. It was red with a small rose on the top, my brunette colored hair hang delicately off of my shoulders, curled and pretty, a red bow sat on my head. I smiled at myself in the mirror, I don't think I had ever looked beautiful until now. Keira, the red-eyed woman put two black flat shoes on my feet, I smiled down at her. I got up and all of the women looked at me.

"You really look beautiful." Keira smiled.

"Thank-you, and thank-you for this, I have never been so happy."  I smiled at them all.

"You better go, have a good time." I walked out of the little room and saw Max, he was tall and beautiful in a black suit. 

"Max?" I asked.

"You didn't think I would go scruffy and you would go beautifully did you?" I smiled at him and he grinned. He took my arm and led me down a different set of stairs, they were also beautiful but were a little different to the other stairs. When we finally got to the bottom, the festival overwhelmed me.

The room was large and blue with twinkly lights hanging above us. Food on large white tables sat across the walls of the large hall, people danced with masks on in the center and drank wine, a small person dressed as a black lion crawled around, bumping up and down. People on stilts served drinks and more food and ribbons floated around the room as laughter and chimes twirled around me and Max.

"This is wonderful." I gasped at everything.

"It is isn't it, would you like to dance?" He asked.

"Why not." I smiled up at him as he took me into the middle, I took my shoes off and threw them to the side, twirling around with max, to the beat. When the music started to slow, Max took my waist and shoulder as we slow danced together. "I've never danced with someone before," He twirled me around.

"Well you seem to be doing it alright." He smiled down at me as we slowly moved side to side, Max was such a kind and generous man. So beautiful and strong too. I would hate for him to go to waste. I leaned up on my toes to kiss his soft lips but failed to reach, he lifted me gently but something interrupted us and I was suddenly dropped back down.

Max's watch beeped and he held it to his mouth. "What's going on?" he asked.

"We have an intruder alert, someone's tried hacking into the Sicofax sir." A voice said.

"What?!I'm on my way." I watched Max as he ran out of the hall, I stared after him blankly. Where was he going? Sicofax? This was all too complicated. I took my shoes and ran across the hall after him, running up the stairs.

"Max?!" I shouted,"What's going on!" He was near to the top of the staircase.

"Just stay in the office room with the other women, stay there, don't follow just stay." He shouted.

"Why?What's going on?!" I shouted back.

"I'll explain later!" he got to the top and ran to my left, though the long corridor. I heard his shouts to people on the way, as I approached the top I looked to me left, he and others had black, large objects in their hands and were running down the other set of stairs. So many stairs. I quickly ran into the 'office', or whatever it was called and asked what was going on.


"I'm coming with you." I shouted to Max.

"Fine, take the Nervic system, he should be in room 167, the museum." He replied, his gun next to his head.

"Ok, what do you think he's taking?" I asked in wonder.

"He's managed to hack into the Sicofax so he's stealing the information that holds Echobon." He replied.

"I'll see you soon!" I shouted running towards the lift and pressing the button that said 167, closing the doors as I went down quietly,I stared out of the glass windows at the festival bellow me. I wonder how Max left the new girl this time.

As the lift silently came to a stop I lifted my watch to my mouth and whispered, "I'm in the museum, I'll let you know if I see him." Then put my gun next to my head and shuffled around a wall, the museum was quite frightening in the dark and quiet. Large fat dolls sat smiling on stools and a stain glass window was the only light the room had. I heard a shuffle and turned around the wall to put my gun out in front of the stained window. I heard a click behind me. A gun, it was him.

I quickly turned and punched him in the stomach, taking out my handcuff and cuffing our hands together. He looked at me weakly. The man had a white mask on and black, long hair that was scruffy. He wore a long black robe. But I didn't notice that, I noticed that we were both holding guns at each other. He took away his gun as we both crouched, and he removed his mask.

I stared at the face of Chiaki, my long lost friend. 


The End

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