Sagaii girl Festival

We eventually arrived in another large room, yet this room was filled with more vehicles, me and Max got out of the motorbike thing and walked through the grey room and up some magnificent stairs. As I approached the top of the stairs, twirling and twirling I noticed how posh it was. All white marble walls and a chestnut coloured banister with white marble floors also. It was beautiful, I wanted to live here. Despite the fact that all of these stairs were wearing me out.

As we got to the top Max wandered off through some large blue doors, I simply looked down off of the top of the stairs and noticed how high it was and gasped, running back to the direction Max went in.

I slowly walked into the room shivering...I hadn't had food or water or kind socializing since birth. No, I've had food and water since birth, but it isn't very clean water and the food isn't exactly as edible as you might hope. I noticed many electric things around me, many things I didn't have. There were floating lights that people touched and boxes with screens on and people were touching different letters on a small bored. Did rich people where I came from have this? Max was mumbling to some other men and woman who were also dressed ridiculously. He quickly ran over to me with a white fluffy towel.

"Here, my friends will get you some food and drink and some dry clothes, we'll have to ask you some questions later though." He smiled.

"Why? What answers do you need... and what is all of these things?!" I pointed to the electric things.

"We need... very important answers, now let me take you to where you can get changed." He took my shoulders and guided me into another room to a woman with short red hair eyes?!

"The devil, it's the devil!" I screamed running away but Max took my hand and pulled me back.

"She isn't the devil Elizabeth she's going to help you change and give you food sweet." He chuckled. No-one called me sweet, I was 14 for crying out loud.

"Oh," I walked towards the woman, “please could you excuse my behaviour, it was very rude of me." I sighed.

"No problem, come on I'll get you dressed." I let go of Max's hand and walked with the woman to another room on the left of me that was small and empty and had a toilets separated from each-other in little rooms, cubicles. Sinks were in opposite them against the wall.

"Sorry this is all we have, you'll have to get changed in here." She smiled.

"I don't mind." I grinned back. These were my only pair of clothes, I would change in front of a million people to get a new pair on.

"Would you like help, or can you do it yourself?" She asked.

"I'm sure I can manage." I took the outfit from her.

"Of course, I'll make sure no-one comes in." She walked out and closed the door. I took the outfit and looked at it in front of me. It was like everyone else's suit except it was white with red lines. Where was my dress? Girls didn't wear this. Owell, it's clean so I guess I should wear it.

I stripped everything off and stuck both of my legs in the bottom, then my arms, then did up a zip right from my bellybutton to just under my chin. I walked around in it to get used to it then put on the black boots and walked out, taking my old clothes with me. Max was by the side of the door, he gasped when he saw me.

"Perfect." He laughed.

"This isn't what I normally wear, don't you have an old dress or anything?" I asked.

"Sorry no, but Keira is coming back with your food so why don't you sit down and talk to me and Shua for a little while." He pushed me gently into the room I was in before and I sat down on a seat in front of him. "Do you know what the date is today?" The other man asked, I think that was Shua.

"Yes, 11th August 1862 A.D," I smiled. "I've told this to Max already." I sighed.

"Sorry, well do you know how you got here?" He asked. I looked at him confused.

"No, not really, I think I fell, on the road. Then Max cam in his motorbike thing and I thought he was coming to hit me with it so I ran in a tunnel but he wasn't so now I'm alright." I smiled.

"You fell?" Max asked.

"Yes...on the road." I replied. Max looked at me then looked to Shua.

"We think you might have travelled in time Elizabeth, because that isn't the date now." He looked me in the eyes seriously.

"What? Don't be absurd, that is ridiculous! No-one can travel in time?!" I shouted.

"Well you did." I sighed at his words.

"This isn't possible. This cannot be happening." I replied, staring down at my hands.

"The date is today Elizabeth, 2142 A.D, you have travelled in time, but we need you back. It will take a while, you probably have parents waiting for you-"

"I don't know who my parents are, no-one is waiting for me. I don't particularly want to go back.” I replied.

"Well you have to, this depends on everything. You survived in the rain. You are either a survivor or a time traveller. Choose." Shua said.

"There must be some kind of mistake-"

"There is no mistakes, you travelled in time. We need to get you back immediately or bad things could happen, involving you." Shua hissed.

"Calm down Shua." Max shushed him.

"Well, wait..."Music trailed up the stairs and floated around the room. "What's going on downstairs, I hear music." It was bells and chimes.

"That's the Sagaii girls festival, would you like to go and see?" Max asked as Shua huffed.

"Of course." Max took my hand and led me down the stairs.

The End

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