2142 A.D

And now…we drop.



Unconsciousness overwhelmed my body, my eyes were darkened with black and shiny lights beyond explanation. I felt water running down my neck and soaking through my clothes, matting my hair. I sighed and sat up dizzily. I kept her eyes closed and dropped back down with exhaustion. I heard something, a faint scream coming from ahead. Sitting up again I looked around, dead lands were spread around me, rain hitting them.

I noticed a silver object which was an odd shape, very streamline. It was coming towards me. I looked at it wide eyed and got up quickly, running toward a tunnel for safety from the rain and the object coming towards me.

It began to slow as it approached me, coming to a halt as it saw what I looked like. It was a bike, note the two wheels, something I had never seen before. It was big and monstrous and silver, it went very fast and was the thing that was making the frightening screaming sound. It had large black wheels and black windows. A man stepped out of it.

He was tall and had straight black hair which was wet, he was wearing a suit of some kind of strange material, I think it was leather. He looked absolutely ridiculous. He wore black boots and black gloves, he shook his hair and looked at me. The man was very handsome. 

“Are you a survivor?” He asked.

“Pardon?” I replied.

“Have you survived? Are you one of the others?” I stared at him in shock.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Where am I, what is this place?!” I asked in shock. I was somewhere totally different, I couldn't explain it. to be honest I was frightened, of everything around me.

“It’s earth.” He laughed.

“Excuse me? I want to know where specifically I am?” I didn't have time for stupid little jokes, this was serious.

“You…are near Echobon. That is all I can say.” He smiled.

“Are you playing some kind of joke?! What is an Echobon? I live in London. London? Do you know where it is?”I asked firmly.

“I’m afraid, that has been gone for an extremely long time.” He chuckled once.What did he mean an extremely long time?! He was joking, yes he was just playing around. “Are you alone?” He asked.

“Yes.” I whispered, oh no, he was going to hurt me. I slowly stepped back through the tunnel towards the rain.

“Get in, I’ll take you somewhere to get dry.” He pointed to his thing. I wasn't going with him, not in that and not anyway. I didn't know him, he could hurt me like Mr.Jenkins...I shivered scared of his ugly face.

“What?! Are you crazy? I’ve never seen one of them things in my life and I certainly don’t want to go in it.” I cringed at it."I do not know you, I am going to find London!"

“You’ll die if you stay here too long.” He sighed. I looked at him uneasily...die?Die?This didn't make any sense at all. I would die if I stayed here...what If I die if I go with him then?! I have to, he seems kind...I think. I slowly got into his vehicle and he strapped me in and got into the front. "What is this?!"I asked, looking at the funny looking thing.

“Steelhead VH8, 2000 horsepower. Also known as a 190 mile an hour motorbike." I heard the smile in his voice.“What do you think the date is?” He asked. I looked at him in wonder, what was that?! Why did he ask me the date?This was too strange.

“Um…1862, Monday 15th August.” He strapped himself in and turned a key to the right.

“Oh no…” He whispered to himself. “I’ll tell you the real date later,” He sighed.

“What do you mean?-” He caught me off guard and I screamed as he moved the ‘motorbike’ quickly towards a green and blue town. I screamed in shock and held onto the sides of my seat, my mouth as wide as a tunnel.

“Sh.” He said.

“Let me off of this thing now! Now!” I screeched, scared.

“I can’t, I’ll just slow down a little.” He said. “Just stop screaming, you are perfectly safe.” he whispered. I didn't think he was actually right with that.

“I can’t count on that!” I shouted, still holding onto my seat even when he slowed down a little.

“Just keep quiet, see that bright green and yellow light over there.” He pointed to the lights out of his window. 

“Yes.” I whispered, looking through my watered-down window to see fuzzy lights.

“That’s where we’re going, It won’t take long.” We quickly went through pitch black tunnels. The motorbike went so quickly you could barely feel it moving. We both kept quiet, listening to the screaming of the vehicle.

“Terrible weather,” I sighed, looking up at the sheeting rain hitting the ugly land.

“It always has been.” He replied. i didn't know what he meant.

“What do you mean?” I wondered. He changed the subject quickly. He was hiding something.

“We’re here.” I looked out of my window to see a spider looking city above me. It had legs and large windows and was a rusted down blue colour. It was beautiful, to me. “My beautiful Echobon.” He whispered.

“This is where you live?” I asked in wonder.

“Of course. Where else?”

“I was thinking it would be…a little bit more…house like. With buildings on the ground!This is too much!" I started hyperventilating in the car and he slowed down and stopped, shushing me, until I got adjusted to everything and he started the car up again.

"What is your name?" He asked me.

"Elizabeth, what is yours?" I replied.

"Max,Maximum Ride. But you can call me Max."

"What a strange name..."I mused.

 I looked at it, it was very big and it didn’t look safe, it was long and half-moon shaped, it looked like a centipede. As we drove in under the legs I looked up through a glass panelling in the roof of the motorbike, seeing bright lights above me until we arrived in a large white room then back into a black tunnel, going down and down and down.

I felt very,very alone.

The End

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