The Runaway time leaper

When a girl travels in time to 2142 A.D, she doesn't know how it happened or how she got there. She is all alone until she meets a man. She discovers what life is like in a city called Echobon, and discovers what has happened over time involving the weather.

2142 A.D

"How long has it been raining?" The girl whispered to herself over the screams of thunder."Forever." She sighed.

"No, not forever... for 100 years." The girl began as she stared at the black and grey clouds twirling around the sky. The rain harshly hit the dark, ugly wastelands. "They say billions of people once lived on the earth, but when temperatures rose... the great cities fell. And this rain came, this terrible, toxic rain.Our ancestors saw it coming, the catastrophe. They built Echobon, the first living city, genetically engineered to survive in a poisonous environment.

"Echobon became our refuge. Our salvation. Survivors came by the thousand, begging to be let in. But our ancestors turned them away, left them to die in the wasteland. The ones who survived became our workers, mining the carbonate fields to feed our Echobon. They need us, we need them. Everybody wins. But some win more than others." The thunder clapped loudly in her ears as she looked up at the sky.

The End

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