Settling In

The apartment was small and crowded, but to me it was perfect. Mismatched and worn furniture was all that separated the kitchen from the living room and the walls were crammed with photographs, tacky frames containing precious moments. Henry directed me towards a comfy looking couch and I sat, placing the now folded blanket and my small backpack beside me. 

"Who's that?" I asked, pointing towards a picture of a pretty and laughing woman that dominated the wall across from me. Henry stared at it for a long time, as if he was remembering something that was far away. 

"Angela," he answered when I had begun to think that he might not tell me at all. His voice was quiet and sad as he said it and I decided not to inquire any further, though curiosity now held me in its grasp. A silence stretched between us, broken only by the sound of footsteps moving in the room above us.

"So, um... Is this the couch?" I inquired, trying to break the awkwardness with a question most five year old's could have answered. 

"What?" he asked, seeming to wake up once more. "Oh, yes. This is your new bed." He grinned and I sensed that he was trying to cover for his momentary disappearance into the past. "You can just put your stuff over there for now but we'll try to get you a little dresser sometime soon."

I smiled at his kindness. "You don't have to," I told him. "I don't have many clothes." 

Henry frowned, his eyebrows creasing. "Well, that will have to be remedied, young miss," he informed me. "If you're to go to your job interview, you're going to have to look your best." 

I stared at him, surprised. "Job interview?" I asked.

He nodded. "I told you I had a friend who was hiring, didn't I? I'm getting you an interview. Lucky for you I have niece your age who's got enough clothes to keep an army warm." He cocked his head sideways, considering this for a moment. "Gees," he told me, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, "That would sure make a sight, an army in Tiffany's clothes." 

I couldn't help laughing. "Thanks Henry," I said, settling back into the couch. "For taking me in and everything."

He smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling. "No problem." 

The End

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