The Runaway

what happens when she falls in love with her step-brother

Hi my name is Sara Ouellet. You may have guest (or didn’t) I’m French. You can tell from my last name. I was born in Quebec Canada May 5th, 1995. My parents gave me up when I was born. I started running from my “home” since I was 12. I would always be brought back to the adoption center, I been house to house and I would always runaway.

*October 7th 2011*

I was sitting on my bed in the adoption center

“Sara Ouellet to the office” The lady said it two times .I got up and went to the office. When I got there I saw a man and a women sitting on the chairs. “Great a new family” I whispered to myself. Good Thing they didn’t hear me. I sat where I usual sit. The two adults looked at me with smiles on their faces.  I already knew what was going to happen next.


The next day I had to pack my things and leave. 1 hour later I was done.  I walked outside to see my new “Family” My “Dad” Picked up my 3 suitcase.  I got into the car.

“Hello Sara” Elizabeth said to me

“HI” that was the only thing I said to her. John (Her Husband) got into the car

“I just can’t wait for you to meet the kids” Kids! Really…Really…REALLY. I wish they had told there new daughter. We finally pulled up to the house. I saw two guys in the front yard throwing a football. There was a tall guy that had brown hair. When he smiled I could tell that he was John and Elizabeth’s son. He had there dad’s dimples. The other guy had spiky hair. I got out of the car. The two guys stopped and looked at me. OMG! Is there something on my face? Tall guy walked up to me

“Hi you must be Sara” The MP (Mystery Person) Said

“Yea” I said. I walked away from him. I went to go get my bags but some guy already had them in his hands. He went inside with them “Liz” I said

“Yes Sara”

“Who was that guy who took my bags” I said while looking at the front door.

“Oh that was Mike”

“Kay” I walked away from her and went past randy. I got into the house. Wow this place is huge. It’s funny when houses looking small from the outside and big on the inside. John walked up to me

“Hey Sara”

“Hi John”

“So you like the house” He said with a smile

“Yea” I saw a baby picture of I think…Mike. He looked so cute. What!?! That’s not weird right? People always say that they look cute…WHEN THERE A BABY. I heard someone coming down the stairs

“You like the picture” The MP said. I turned around to see the most  gorgeous blue eyes ever.

The End

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