The Runaway chap. 4Mature

   I walked away from the body. The streets isn't a place to play games. If you owe money, you just as well kiss your own ass goodbye. If you don't pay up, the big man will find you. It's commen sence.

   I found a empty park bench in the middle of the park to crash out on for the night. I wasn't afraid of being out here all. I wasn't the only person out here. There were many homeless trying to sleep. My woman and a young girl walked over to me. They were dressed in dirty torn cloths. I smiled at her.

   "Here. You can take this bench." I said softly.

   "Thank you." The little girl said.

  I got up and walked away. The park was full of people at night. I finally gave up on finding a unoccupyed bench. I curled up under a tree.


   "Well, well, well. Look what I found." Said a voice.

   I opened my eyes. All I could see is a guy in a gray uniform shinning a flashlight in my face.

   "What are we going to do with her?" Replied another voice.

   The first guy laughs. I jump up and grab my bag.

   "Where are you going?" The second guy said.

   The other guy grabbed my arms. Wiggling loose would be a problem.

   "What am I going to do with you?" The first guy mummbled.

   "Well, to start, you can tell your rapist buddy here to let me go and two piss off." I hissed.

   "I found myself a mean one." He laughed.

   "Screw you!" I hissed.


The End

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