The Runaway-chap. 2Mature

  Everday someone gets killed on these city streets. People say it's the gangs shooting at each other. I think that no one really knows because the can't get in deep enough to find out and when they try they only get hurt.

   I don't fear the streets. They're full life and people trying to live their own lives. And so what! People die everyday. It happends. Shit happens. It's called life. I don't fear the streets because I respect it.

   After school I get home to find my aunt and uncle and younger cousin running around the house like they own the place. 

   "Haylee!" My younger cousin Jill giggled as I walked inside.

   "Hey, Jill." I sighed.

  "How was school?" Aunt Lucy asked.

   "Great." I lied.

   "She's lying!" Jill said.

  "What!" I hissed.

  "Your school called today." Mom said.

  She stood at the bottom of the stairs with her arms crossed against her chest. Next thing I know I'm sitting in a chair in the middle of the livingroom.

   "Who's Scarlet?" Mom asked.

   "She's an old friend. She moved last year." I replied.

   "Have you ever smoked weed?" Aunt Lucy asked.

Dads eyes were burning holes through me.

   "Just one time." I sighed.

   "Bullshit." Dad snapped.

   "We searched your room. We found your stash." Mom sighed.

  "You did what! That's my room! I don't search your room whenever I want to!" I hissed.

I stood up.

   "Haylee, I understand that you may have a little problem but--" Aunt Lucy said.

   "The only problem I have is you people trying to force me to be what you want me to be!" I snapped and walked out.

   I ran upstairs and went to my room. I slammed my door shut and locked it. My room was trashed. Cloths and shoes were everywhere. My bed was moved and my desk was emptied.

   "Haylee, please open the door. We need to talk about this like adults." Aunt Lucy sighed.

   "Go away!" I barked.

   "Please come out. I wanna play!" Jill whinned.

   "Get lost!" I yelled.

   "Come on, Haylee. Don't be like this. We just want you to be happy." Uncle Rick sighed.

  "Just go away! I don't need any of you." I replied.

  Tears rolled down my cheeks. They finally went away. I leaned against the wall. I slid down and hugged my knees and cried. I cried until my eyes were sore. I pulled myself together. I stood up and yanked a backpack off the floor. I stuffed some cloths and shoes inside. In the corner of the room, a piece of the white fluffy carpet was loose. I rolled it away and grabbed two yellow evelopes. One had nearly a thousand dollars in cash and the other had a small amount of weed. I stuffed in the bag and waited until dark.

    After dark I slipped out mybedroom. I could hear my parents talk to my aunt and uncle about me. Jill was in the livingroom. I slipped down the stairs and past the kitchen door. I quietly opened the front door and slipped out. I closed the door behind me and ran down the street.


The End

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