Chapter 2



Chapter 2


“Yes.” I nodded. He looked at me funny. Ad I deciding whether me traveling alone was fishy or not.


“I’ll be accompanying you on this trip. If you’ll follow me. We will get seated.” I followed him to the first class gate. YES! I get to sit in first class! Wicked!


We sat in the plane waiting for the other passengers to board. “So where are you going all by yourself?” Well? What should I tell him? Remember rule one.


“To visit my Aunt in L.A.” He nodded. And we sat in silence the rest of the while. As we flew I looked over the land. “Bye Nevada.” It was the only place I knew like the back of my hand. Every street, ally, and casino.


When we landed he said, “I’ll accompany you to the shuttle. And just tell the driver where you need to go and he’ll take you.” Was itreallythat simple? Oh yea! It isn’t! My Aunt Beth died two years ago!


“And here you are.” He said as we got to the shuttle. “Just tell him where you need to be and he’ll take you. I nodded and handed him 20$.


“Thank you.” He shook his head no and pushed it back to me.


“You need it more then I do. Good luck kid.” Then he looked at the bus driver and said, “Hey Jo! Take this one anywhere she needs to go! I’ll pay you later.” Jo was a fat guy…he was wearing a white t-shirt. But it could’ve been any other cooler with the amount of stains on that shirt….It was kinda gross. I think his breath smelled like coffee….eww that must be pretty bad if I could smell it all the way over here.


“We got another one Leo?” Apparently his name was Leo. I spent at least five seconds pondering on this…. why would I get on a plane with a total stranger?? I looked at his vest. No nametag…. did hereallywork for the airport?


He Nodded. “All coming to see one relative or another.” They laughed as if sharing a privet joke. I looked at them both I had a feeling the new exactly what I was doing.


“Hop on kid.” Said Joe. I waved bye to Leo.


“Good luck.” He said one last time as the doors closed.


“Where do ya needa go?” Asked Joe.


I sighed. Jo and Leo were both Defiantly onto me. “Down town L.A.”


He nodded, “Smart kids ya’ll are. All going to make it in the big time? I s’pose that’s the smartest thing to do when ya run away from home.” HA! I knew he knew what I was doing! Wow….

The End

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