The Runaway

This story is about a girl who runs away form her parents, and how she makes L.A her home.


Chapter 1


I sat there…not knowing where to go. I had money…. and food. But no place to go. If I went to a friend’s house they’d send me back. But I couldn’t go back. Never. My parents didn’t want me. And they made that perfectly clear. I was there own personal slave. I was never going back. I stood up and started my long journey to nowhere. I had my flute in its box, 700$ in cash, a months supply of beef jerky, Even thought I didn’t like it. I’m 12…. so I have about 4 years to go till I could get a job. Life was going to be hard. I got on a bus.


“Where are you going with out a parent?” Asked the buss driver. 1strule of running away: Never tell anyone your running away.


“I’m going to visit my Aunt Beth, in L.A.” He looked at me funny. Like it was illegal to visit your Aunt who lived a whole state away with out your parents. He shrugged.


“Got money?” I handed him the 5$ for a trip to the airport. He in return complied. When we got to the airport I got off and walked inside.


“One ticket to Los Angels please.” I said. I know I sounded stupid. But ithadto be said.


“Well I’m sorry but I can’t give you a ticket with our parent or guardian permission! For all I know you could be running away.” Shoot she was good…. But now good enough. I pulled out a sheet I had my parents sign the night before. I had covered it up with a disciplinary action sheet.


“They sighned this.” I handed it to here. She looked at it. I smiled.


“Very well. If you’ll stand over there I will get some one to help you with your bags.” I nodded. I sat in the corner and pulled out the only book I had Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Soon the lady was walking towards me. Uho.


“I need your name hunny.” She said sweetly.


“Mackenzie.” She looked at me expectedly…she wanted a last name. DARN! “White.” I said she nodded and walked away. I began to read again. Soon a kid who looked about 18 or 19 walked up to me. He lookedwayto young to be working. 


“You Mackenzie?” He said. The boy was tall with brown hair and bright green eyes. He was wearing the employs worker vest witch was blue and green.

The End

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