The Runaway

Kailynn ran. She ran past all the houses in the village of Bluestone, her childhood home. Rucksack on back and money bag around her waist, Kailynn's legs were starting to feel weak and rubbery. She was glad when she saw the main road just ahead.

Kailynn let out a sigh of relief as she met the road. Now all she had to do was to go through the forbidden Forrest of Orden. Before crossing the road and entering possible death, Kailynn turned. She turned to look deep into the village that she had lived in her whole life. Kailynn checked the shadows, trying to see anyone who had followed her, but all was silent and clear.

She turned back towards the forrest and braced herself. She wasn't scared of the eerie darkness that engulfed the forrest, but of the mystical creatures that supposedly lived there. Kailynn looked back once more then made her way across the road that seperated the village of Bluestone from the forbidden Forrest of Orden.

Kailynn peeked through the entrance of the forrest and shivered. The wind was starting to pick up, wafting her long blonde heair around her slender body. Kailynn took a deep breath and slowly stepped into the forrest, trying not to make a sound...



The End

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