Rule #1: Prior Warning Before Sudden Dream Change

Best Friend Must Know, #1: 
If you decide to change your dream career into something a bit more outstanding, like say your best friend's already hard-enough-to-achieve-dream, you should give prior warning... instead of simply just showing up for the same audition just because you "felt like it". 

The waiting room is full of the usual people waiting for their shot at stardom. You've got the Prima Donnas with their big hair and masks of make-up, the bigger-than-life starlets with their baby-doll blue eyes and silky smooth straight hair, the whiners who somehow think that they can do better than whatever role they are auditioning for, and finally, the average Janes who just want a chance to prove themselves in a world full of beauties and thinning diets. 

I am one of those average Janes.  The only thing unique about me is my name, Kaylin, but other than that I am just like any other girl walking down the street. My short brown hair and plain brown eyes don't exactly scream "talent" or "beauty", but I love acting and becoming someone else. It just feels... right. Sure, I haven't won any roles yet but I'm only twenty-two and I've only been to a few auditions. No biggie. I want to one day show the world that a size zero isn't the only way to go and that looks don't exactly spell "talent". 

I'm in my zone now, trying to ignore the mutterings of lines and popping of gum in the small, cramped room. The moment I saw the list of big name actors for this film I knew I wanted to be part of it. There had been other, minor roles I could have tried out for, but this particular one held something promising for me. 

The door on the other side of the room opens just as I close my eyes, since it has always helped me memorize the lines better. I speak the lines soundlessly, trying to decide how to portray the emotion in each word. Someone pokes my arm teasingly and before I even open my eyes I know who it is. 

I open my eyes widely and stare right into Nelly's bright sea-blue eyes, her smile is blindingly white and her lustrous hair is tied back in a loose ponytail. I spot the script in her left hand and inwardly groan. Ah, crap.

The End

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