The Rugby Game

“Yay!” shouted Becky, as Warren scored another try.  Rugby on Saturdays had never been on her agenda, but since she met Warren, and knowing that he was obsessed with rugby, it had made her a convert, almost...  So, that was why she ended up on the grandstand at rugby games most Saturday afternoons. 

While her friends were shopping or listening to the latest music or drinking coffee at trendy cafes, Becky was cheering her man on.  She felt noble.  She was sixteen, pretty, and she had a boyfriend, whilst most of her friends had not even started dating yet.  But she was lonely too.  She couldn’t understand it.  How could she be lonely, when she was dating one of the hottest guys in school?  She was the envy of all her friends, however, they seemed to be having much more fun without her. 

Sitting on the grandstand on her own, watching Warren playing rugby, was actually beginning to suck...

The End

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