The Ruby Red Lipstick

It was Friday afternoon. It was hot and humid outside. The sun has reached it’s peak. And no one was gadding to look for a swimming pool. The sweat rolled down the faces of the road workers. For they had no choice, but to take on the brutal heat.

But at the shopping mall, people were shopping from summer clothes to shopping for their pets. Some were eating Ice Creams while others get their daily frozen coffees for the day. And one of those people was none other than Ric Krantz. 

Ric was sitting in the black leathered couch near Sears store sipping on a frozen coffee. The girls were looking at him. They smiled. And he smiled back. Some stared at him. Some stared at his Levis jeans. While he was not sitting, some were staring at his behind. His beautiful green eyes can charm a woman from a mile away. But thank goodness he was not a fop. Being so concern about his outfit would not be normal for a handsome and kind-hearted man. And he would not dare to try to ape Brad Pitt. For Ric would not cheat on his wife with another woman. Let alone adopt God knows how many children with her.

While Ric was relaxing and enjoying his frozen drink, he spotted a woman in a white summer dress. Cristina Cortez was beautiful and she wore a white summer hat. She just came out of the Sears stores. He stared at her as if he wanted to go over and kiss her. At times, he wanted to. She grabbed her red lip stick out of her white purse, along with her mirror. He watched her closely as she glided her lipstick across her beautiful thick lips. His eyes sparkled by her beauty. She did not know he was watching her. Revlon Ruby Red lipstick must be her favorite color. He thought to himself, She wear it so well.

 He was focused on her, but he was vexed by one girl who was trying to gain his attention. The annoying chick doesn’t have a clue that he doesn’t want her. He raised up, and walked over to her. He walked passed the vexing girl. She got upset, and just walked away. Cristina raised her head. He looked into her beautiful brown eyes. He touched her face. He wanted her to be his girl. He wanted her to be with him.

“Excuse me, Ms.” he said politely, “but is that your favorite lipstick color?”

“Yes it is.” she replied. 

That is when he kissed her. But she responded to him with a slap in the face.

“What?” he was shocked, “what was that for?”

Cristina looked at Ric, and then smiled.

“For giving me a friendly kiss.” 

And then she kissed him on the lips.   

The End

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