Skyrah sat, mumbling, moaning, groaning. Almost a year since Shruiken and Kiara's appearaance.

"What's wrong?"

"Omifreakinggod, don't do that!" Skyrah yelled at Russalka, as she sat down. The others, and Kiera, had gone into the garden. "I miss Flamara..." She sniffed.

"Want me to read you a story??"

"Story...? Wait...story, story, story STORY!!! WAHOOO!!! Get in here, guys!!!" Skyrah yelled, and everyone came pelting in. She flicked through the book, over and over. She ripped out a page, and smiled. 

"Taliesin, remember that story Flamara used to tell us about? The characters who wander go to"

"The hideout for misfit characters, yeah?"

"Taliesin. Don't forget me. I love you." She said, cupping his face, kissing his. She said farewell to each of the, and got her phone on. She stood on the paper, and pointed.

"Burn and burn alike. Burn and burn alike." She whispered. She paper began to burn, and she caught fire. She dissapear, and not even ash was left.

Before she left, She threw something to Kiara. A band. A single bondig band. A sisterhood. She yelled at Amethyst, "Friends."

The End

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