The Halfborn

It had been almost a year since Flamara's dissapearance, and Skyrah, and all of her gifted friends had dropped out of school, and were living in Flamara's house, learning to fight, use their powers, and they looked after each other well. No one had seen Drakath since that day either, but Suniria would drop in from time to time, checking up on them. Skyrah was  by far the most powerful of them all. She was almost half way to getting her black belt in karate, and it was on her birthday she met Kiara.

As Skyrah and Taliesin opened the door to go out, they heard a scream. A girl came running down the street, apart from, she wasn't exactly human. Police men went chasing her. Skyrah opened the door, pushed Taliesin in, and pulled the thing in, closing the door behind her. She hugged Skyrah tightly.

"Thank you, thank you!" she cried. She stood back, smiling. Skyrah and the others stared at her. She had large red wings, longs sharrp nails and fangs visible only when she smiled.

She had long black hair, pale skin, and bright red eyes. She was fiercely beautiful, but a bit scary. "I'm Kiara. I'm a Halfborn. They were trying to get me to do experiments on me." she said, shuddering. Skyrah  noticed her clothes were wet.

"Sorry! Had to wade across a stream to get away." she said sheepishly. Amethyst took her hand, and led her upstairs. She went into Skyrah's room, now all of the girl's room, and helped Kiara fit into some clothes, making slits for her wings.

The End

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