Fading Away

They stood, back to back surrounded by the minions. They came, step after step, with identical evil grins, malice in their blank, dead eyes. Skyrah walked forward. The minions hissed, but back away as she walked past them, to their master. She stood in front of him. She smiled softly to him, and hugged him. She stood back, and smiled, batting her eyelashes.

He looked at her surprised. She turned, closing her eyes, pointing at the minions. "Return to light." she whispered. They changed, and became bright yellow. They rubbed their heads, and dissapeared. Shrukien screamed in raged. "This will be shorter than I expected." whispered Sealantus.

"Oi!" shouted a voice. Shrukien turned. Everyone stiffled a laugh. Skyrah had stuck a target on his back. He saw no one, and turned back, to snarl at the friends. A bang came, and Shrukien's bloodless lips parted a little. He fell down, and we saw Sky holding a gun. She had hit the target.

"Sealantus!" shouted Amethyst. His body was fading. Skyrah ran to him, but he dissapeared compleatly. Flamara shouted. Flamara started fading also. She called out to Skyrah. "Sweetheart, go back to the house, take everyone with you, apart from Sky. Find the big book in my room. It had may spells in it. Use them well, and try to get us back, or we'll come back!", before dissapearing compleatly. Skyrah began to cry. Sky was holding the body of Shrkien in her arms, smiling a little. He pulled himself up, bit her, and let himself drop, dead. She fell down, and they both melted away. Everyone hurried home, to find the book.

The End

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