The Battle Begins

We reached the warehouse in no time. Everyone there loved Flamara, and cared for her. Lotus transormed, and went in. We heard shouts, bangs, then silence. Lotus hissed, "Come on." We went in, and ran some of his minions walking running at us.

"Return to the darkness!" shouted Russalka, splaying her fingers out. The minions fell, and melted away. They saw Flamara in a cage. She haddn't been bitten... thankfully. Skyrah burned away the bars, and grabbed Flamara, sending molten fire over her dark skin. She awoke, and gripped Skyrah. "Sweetheart, we need to go. It's a trap." she gasped. Skyrah and Sealantus helped her up, and they ran toward the exit. A voice echoed round the hall.

"The ones who are out of this building when it closes will lose their powers forever."

Everyone stopped. The doors closed, and Shrukien appeared. "And now, you're trapped, and must fight for your lives." he chucked cruelly. And thus the battle began.

The End

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