"Princess Skyrah, we must prepare to fight. Ocean's real name is Shrukien. He was a Darkness Elemental gone awir. He's a vampire now. He has a few minions at his disposal, but not many. What do you suggest we do?" asked Suniria.

"I suggest...that Lotus will go in first in her viper form. She can distract, defend and fight. She is the quickest, and will be able to get away easily. Amethyst and Taliesin can read and sing, making his minions defenceless.  Apollo and Artemis will freeze and burn them, making a clear path to get Flamara and kill Shrukien." she said fimly.

"You've done this before. When this is over, I'm signing you up for karate!" Exclaimed Sealantus. Skyrah grinned. Drakath pulled Suniria aside. He kissed her hand, and she shook her hand. He dissapeared.

"Let's go." Sealantus said anxiously. They nodded, and then, heard a deep voice. "Hey, not gonna fight without us are you?" Everyone turned. Breathen and Rorocca were stood. Everyone left after that. Ready to fight.

The End

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