Bubbling Anger

Sealantus shhed Skyrah, and then Sky burst through the front door. Skyrah ran to her. "They took her, They took her!!"  she shouted, sobbing. Sky held her.

"I'm sorry, this is my fault. If I haddn't have come..." Sealantus started.

"If you didn't go,, Sky would be dead, and so would I be." said Skyrah. "I met her a few weeks ago, she helped me collet incences for me hideout. She told me about her boyfriend threatening her. I knew that he wasn't human. Then, he saw me, I ran home, and I heard him shouting, "Come back here, precious! You're mine!""

Sealantus grabbed his phone from his poket. A text came through.

guess wat we got

Anger bubbled through him. He passed his phone to Skyrah. "I need you to make a few...."

BANG!!! The door flew off its hinges, and a viper slithered through. "Ssssorry about that." it hissed. It transformed into Lotus. The others came in after her. Taliesin came forward, and wrapped his arms round Skyrah. "Don't worry, we'll get her back." he whispered to her, and kisse her softly.

Amethyst's proud face was streaked with tears. "We're leaving home, since our parents freaked out about our gifts." Explained Taliesin. Araan wrapped his arm round Amethyst's waist. Sky left the house. The children huddled round Sealantus. Skyrah whispered into Taliesin's ear. He nodded.

Skyrah stood in the centre of the room. She through her head back and closed her eyes. Artemis and Apollo ran round her, getting faster and fast, becominng a slight blur. Amethyst danced round then, singing. Suddenly, they stopped. A dark patch appeared on the floor. a man appeared from it, a woman by his side. A flash of light, another woman appeared. It was Drakath, Russalka and Suniria.


The End

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