Meeting Ocean.

Sealantus drove out to the warehouse early in the morning. He parked, and went in. He walked towards the figure. "Ocean, I assume?" her asked politely. The figure gave a laugh.

"No, I am Sky. You must be the King of Water? You really shouldn't be here. You should have ignored him. But now its too late." She whispered. Sealantus gulped, and notied the woman's hands were tied behind her back. He stood beside her, a hand on her shoulder, and she lead him to Ocean.

"Don't say anything if you feel something on you, ok? I'll get you out of here." he said rom the corner of him mouth. He sent a stream of water down and onto the ropes, beginning to rip and eat away at he bonds. She felt it break, but she held the ropes. Ocean shook Sealantus's hand, then dug his nail into his palm, drawing his purple blood. Ocean licked it.

"As soon as I bite you, you will not escape. I see you have et my lovely girlfriend. I haven't bit her yet. I trust her." he said lovingly. She walked to him, and her wrapped his arms round her, kissing her, licking her neck.

Sealantus shuddered. He let go of sky, and she returned to Sealantus's side. Sealantus grabbed Sky's hand, and teleported. They stopped in town, and Sky ran. Sealantus went home at top speed, leaving his car. He slammed the door, and found Skyrah run into his arms crying. "Sealantus, they took Flamara!" she cried.

The End

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