Asking Skyrah

Sealantus went downstairs, and took Skyrah's hand. She looked questioningly at him. He blind folded her, then led her up the stairs, and into the room they had sorted for her. Sealantus led her, and she sat on the bed. Flamara undid the blindfold. They sat beside her on the bed.

"Skyrah, instead of living at the school, and in your little hideout, would you live with us? And if you wanted, we could fill out some adoption forms, and well...its up to you." Sealantus said to her. Skyrah's eyes filled with tears, and she threw her arms round Flamara and Sealantus. She pulled back.

"Are you sure? Where would I sleep and stuff?" she asked. Sealantus gestured around the room. Skyrah opened her mouth a little, and then smiled. "I..I would to  stay with!" she sobbed between happy tears. Flamara stood, and opened her arms wide. Skyrah ran into them, and she spun Skyrah round in the air, making her laugh. She put her down, and Skyrah took Flamara's hand, and they went down together. Then, Sealantus got a text.

'Meet at old warehouse at edj of town 2morrow 4 instrutions.' it read. Sealantuss bit his lip. He textd his reply, then turned his pone off. He tucked it in a  draw i  his room, then went downstairs to the girls. Flamara was showing Skyrah the adoption forms. They were smiling and laughing with each other. Sealantus would not let a human take them away from him, or harm them.

The End

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