Sealantus Gets A New Job

"Hello Sealantus. You can call me Ocean. We want you to help us with a...project. If you refuse, the consiquense will be...big."

"What do you mean?" Sealantus frowned at the phone.

"That feisty, gorgeous Flamara, and her soon to be daughter the sweet yet powerful Skyrah wouldn't come out great if you refused. Let's just say that."


"We will be in contact with you soon." He hung up after that. Sealantus got into his car, and drove into town. He knew that Skyrah lived at the school, and the school bought her uniform and stuff she needed. Flamara had talked to him about it, and she wanted to adopt Skyrah, and get her to move in with them. Sealantus went to lots of different shops, finding furnature and paint to do up the spare room with. He cam home, and smiled to see Skyrah, Flamara,  Taliesin and Amethyst in the kitchen, eating soup. Flamara liked to invite the chilren over every once and a while for dinner. Sealantus filled his arms with stuff from that car, and staggered upstairs. By the time Amethyst and Taliesin had been picked up, Sealantus had painted the wall and ceiling white, torn up the carpet and replaced it with a lilac one, hung up purple curtains, and set up the bookcase, and put books and incense on them. He began to set up the dressing table with mirror when Flamara came up.

"What you doing? You missed dinner and desert, and that's just....oh my Goddess! Did you do this?" she gasped when she saw the room. Sealantus nodded. Flamara helped him set up the dressing table, and set up the bed. She put a bedside table bedside it, and placed a bottle of lavender essence, a cup of water, and a book on it. She put the mattress on, and she put on the pillows and sorted the duvet. The room was almost done, apart from the light shade. Sealantus had bought a special one that spiraled round the light bulb. It was made of heat proof metal, and little purple crystals hung on it, sending rainbows around the room when they caught the light. It was done, and it was beautiful.

The End

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