Flamara let her flames sweep round Araan's tail fin, drying it, while Sealantus explained about everyone's powers. When Flamara had dried it enough, the tail fin began to shimmer. They watched it split, and turn back into his school trousers. Araan pulled his socks and shoes back on, brushed himself down, and smiled.

"So, all of you guys have powers?" He asked. Flamara nodded. Aries gasped, and pointed. Everyone followed his gaze, and found themselves looking at Amethyst picture. One of the mer-people was stretching its fins. It froze again. The merboy sat on the rock turned away from the sun,  gave a sweet smile and a wave to Amethyst and Araan, then froze. The painting remained lifeless. Araan walked over, and placed his hand on the painting. His hand passed through, and sucked him it. He dove into the sea, using his powerful tail, and pulled himself up to the boy on the rock. They talked silently, and smiled to each other. The boy on the rock put something in Araan's hand. Araan slid off the rock, and flew out of the painting, in human form.

He landed on the floor, out of breath. He stood, and brushed himself down. He went to Amethyst, and placed a single pink pearl in her hand. It shimmered in the sunlight, and was no larger than her little fingers nail. She smiled at Araan, and they saw all of the mer-people waved, then froze.

The End

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