Unbelievable True

When the boys came back, Aries was laughing with Araan, who looked a bit peaky, and a bit angry. He glared at Amethyst as he entered. Aries sat beside her. Across the table, Araan glanced over at Amethyst. Aries rolled his eyes. "Don't worry. I told him that you knew. He got a bit mad. The thing is, when water touches the lower half of his body, it transforms." he whispered to Amethyst. Flamara overheard, and she pulled Aries aside to talk about it. Amethyst continued to paint the merboy. He was sat on a rock, in the middle of an ocean. He was glancing at the setting sun. He was handsome, with pale skin, dark hair and eyes. Amethyst blushed, when she realized it looked very much like Araan.

Amethyst painted merboys and girls around him, playing in the sea. Each one looked like her friends, looking up to the sun, or up to the merboy sat on the rock in the middle of them. Amethyst showed it to Sealantus. He smiled. "This is great. Absolutly brilliant!" he praised her. She placed her painting to the side as everyone went for lunch.

Amethyst, Aries and Araan stayed behind. They admired Amethyst's painting. Amethyst turned to Araan. "Is it true? What Aries told me?"  she asked. Araan looked down, then went to the sink. He poured water into a glass, then sat in the classroom, in a corner, so others wouldn't see. He pulled off his shoes and socks, and poured a little over them. His lower half sparkled, and his legs bonded together before their very eyes. His tail was gray, with tints of silver near his waist. His school top was still there. He looked up, just as Sealantus and Flamara entered. Aries hurried to try and cover Araan up, but was too late. Sealantus went over and knelt beside him, looking at his tail fin.   

The End

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