Aries Tells Araan's Secret

Once everyone had gotten back from swimming, they questioned Araan why he didn't go. He shrugged, and went out for break. Amethyst watched him go behind Skyrah's little hide out. Amethyst wet quietly as she could to the hideout, and peered round the back. Araan was sat, cross legged, leaning his head back, with a piece of purple lavender in his hand.

Amethyst sighed, wishing she could help him, if he needed help at all. Aries spied her, and pulled her to one side. He crossed his arms, and sighed. "He didn't go swimming for a reason, you know. He can swim extremly well. Ever since he found..." Aries clamped his hand over his mouth. Amethyst took it away, wide eyed. "Why?" she whispered, just as Sealantus came round the corner. He went past, and Aries put his tounge in his cheek.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." He whispered. Amethyst held back a snort. "We...both have powers. I can bring things out of stories, and Araan...has this thing with water. There's your hint. He can't go swimming in public, but he's great at swimming. Um...he...travels faster in water than on land." The bell rang.

Aries stood. "I can't tell you, so I'll try and show you. In class." He pulled Amethyst up, and they went to class. Aries punched the air. It was Art next. Everyone went inside, and collected paint and water. With the skill of an actor, Aries tripped, and spilt water over Araan. Araan stood there, his top soaked. The water trickled down. He ran out of the room, and towards the toilets. Every one heard a bang, then silence.

Amethyst raised an eyebrow at Aries over her painting of the ocean. Aries stood. "I'm just gonna go to the toliets. That crash seems a bit fishy." His eyes contacted Amethyst's, and he opened them wide. She got it. She bit her lip, and nodded. He left the room, and Amethyst ran to Sealantus. She coughed, getting his attention. She told him about Aries and Araan.

He believed about Aries, but not about Araan. "So your suggesting he...turned into a fish?" he whispered, with a little chortle. Amethyst shook her head. "Half of one. Half boy, half fish." she whispered back. Sealantus nodded, but didn't believe her. She went back to her painting, and began to paint a merboy sat on a rock... 

The End

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