The New Guys

When everyone started back at school in Feburary, a big commotion was at hand. In year 9 and 8, there were going to be two new students. They were supposed to be in the special group. Then when they finally came, some of the girls in the normal classes were quite angry. The new students, Aries and Araan, were handsome, polite, and charming. They were twins, born at the same time, but looked compleatly oppisite. Aries had short golden curls, and soft green eyes, while Araan had longish striat black hair and deep blue eyes.  

On their first day, all the normal class girls were swarming round them at break like bees to honey. They would sit and smile, answering the girls' questions. When their first class with Flamara and Sealantus started, everyone was very much surprised.

Araan was an amazing singer and excellent at sports, while Aries was great at reading and acting. Usually, the special class and normal class went swimming together. Today, even though he always talked about his swimming skills, Araan did not go. Amethyst was curious, so while the others went swimming with Sealantus, she stayed behind. She had sprained her wrist, and would have sat on the poolside, but she was the sort that would do anything for a friend.

She sat with Araan, talking about his old school. When she came to the subject about his swimming, he didn't say anything, apart from, "I'll tell you later."

The End

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