Love Is In The Air...

In the holidays, The special students and their teacher, Flamara would meet. Sealantus was busy, getting ready for something. One day, Amethyst came with her brother, tutting, and rolling her eyes. They were the first ones in town, where they were meeting. Amethyst stood on her tip-toes, and whispered in Flamara's ear. "Taliesin's got a girlfriend! It's Skyrah!" Flamara smiled at Taliesin and he blushed. Amethyst ruffled his hair.

"He won't even let me tease him about his first girlfriend, especially as its my best friend!" She said affectionatly. The twins cam round the corner with Skyrah. They were smiling and laughing with her. As she came to stand beside Taliesin, Amethyst and Flamara loked side ways at each other. With Taliesin and Skyrah in the middle, Flamara danced around them with Amethyst, singing, 'love is in the air, everywhere we look around. Love is in the air, even sight of those two....'  Everyone laughed, including Skyrah and Taliesin.

The End

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