Skyrah giggled at the photo. Taliesin came up to her, and pulled her away, to see his sister. She was smiling at her friend, and rolled her eyes at the picture as Flamara showed her. Sealantus scowled, and pouted again. Flamara got a picture of that too. Apollo roared with laughter. The head master, Matin Conner, took Flamara's hand, and spun her about, making her laugh. The head master always was a bit of a looney. 

Then, Sealantus spotted something. A girl, called Angella, had just gone up to Skyrah, and pushed her away from Amethyst and Taliesin. Sealantus bit his lip. Angella was always trying to push Skyrah around, and trying to be the centre of attention. Sealantus stared to walk up to them, as he saw Angella push Skyrah over. Sealantus ran over, and helped Skyrah up. Taliesin put his arm round Skyrah's shoulder, as she tried not to cry. She clenched her fists angrily. Martin Conner saw the situation, and told Angella that she not to go near Skyrah again.

She stomped away, and Sealantus, Skyrah and Taliesin left the hall for a while. the tears gushed down her cheeks, and fire from her finger tips glowed. she pushed them allaway, and put on a brave face. She smiled, and they heard everyone in the hall groan. The CD had gone to a slow song.

They went back into the hall, and Taliesin pulled Skyrah to the dance floor. She blushed as they danced together, along with a few other pairs. It ended, and the fast, bouncy music started again.  

The End

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