What Happened?

They went into the classroom, and Skyrah was bombarded by hugs and questions. She fell, and laughed. Everyone complimented her costume. She smiled. She closed her eyes, and pointed her hand up. Six orbs floated around the room. "Ah. An Elemental Princess. She had all the Elements apart from one, which I feel she has had for a long time." said Sealantus.

Flamra nodded. Somewhere, music floated round the corridors. Everyone hurried out. Sealantus tapped Skyrah's shoulder. She turned to him. "Try not to feel any extreme emotions, like angry, love, hatred, that sort of thing." She nodded, and ran laughing after her friends. Sealantus sighed, and ran after them to the hall, shouting "Bha ha ha! I'm going to suck your blaad!!!!!" One of the children screamed, and they ran into the hall of loud music. Flamara and Sealantus smiled, and danced together. Sealantus tripped over, flat on his face. His cloak flew up, over his face. He lifted the cloak out of his eyes, to see the flash of a camera go off somewhere. He realized it was Flamara. She let it develop, the laughed. "If you get a girlfriend, I'm showing her this, and I'm going to photocopy it, and send it to Breathen. He'll take the micky right out of ya!" she shouted, and ran across the hall laughing, trying to find Skyrah.

The End

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