As Flamara burst bthrough the door, she gasped. Skyrah was floating near the ceiling, head back, eyes closed. She was being circled by different  colours of light. There was a muddy red, a light blue, bright red, a deep blue, black, and white. The lights vanished, and Skyrah fell into Flamara's open arms. Flamara held her close, and sat down with her. A bright light surrounded Skyrah. So bright was it, that Flamara had to shield her eyes. The light faded, and Skyrah was stood, looking down at herself. She was wearing a white and black corset top, with all the colours of the lights that had surrounded her as a skirt. Her feet were bare, and she wore a mask. It was black, with the different colours as feathers.  On one hand, her nails were painted with the colours. "Woah...cool." Skyrah sighed.

The End

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