Finding Skyrah's Power

They left as the bell rang. Flamara gave Skyrah a combination lock, and she locked her little hide away. They went inside, and it was Music. Amethyst bit her lip. A man from the council had come to observe the students. That term, they had been writting their own songs, and that day was their assesment. As each child stood to sing, Amethyst was dreading what the man from the council would say. He would clap at the end of each performance, and write something on his noteboard. Last, was Amethyst's turn. She stood, with her little piece of paper, and began to sing. Everything around them became black. As the man looked round, Flamara signalled to just look at Amethyst.

A dark house appeared, and then, the scene changed. Now they were in a hall, surround by dancing people. Amethyst stopped singing, and everything vanished, apart from a piece of silk, which fluttered around the classroom. The man clapped, smiled, and left the classroom, scribbling furiously on his noteboard.

Amethsyt rolled her eyes and laughed.  Throughout the day, the man from the council observed the children. At the end of the day, the man left, and the children relaxed. They were waiting for the party after school. Skyrah, Lotus, Artemis and Amethyst went to change into their costumes. The boys had already got theirs on. Taliesin was dressed as a mad scientist with red streaked across a white lab coat, and Apollo dressed as a Greek god. Artemis and Lotus came back giggling. Lotus had a black hood sticking out, and a strip down her front, completing her snake costume. Artemis had dressed herself in a white and gold robe, with a golden bow slung on her shoulder, making her a Greek goddess.

Amethsyt came in moments later, wearing a black, puffy skirt, a red vest top, and a pointy black witches hat. She showed her laced up knee length boots to Artemis. Amethyst and Artemis sat whispering and giggling. A scream echoed down the corridors, and into the classroom. Sealantus looked up at Flamara, and she ran out the door, down to the girl's toilets.

The End

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